Built Environment


Education Officer Civic Trust 1989 - 1991
The sense of place has always been important to Celia Clark.   In her work as Education Officer of the Civic Trust, she encouraged pupils to enjoy being in, learning about, and working for the local as well as the national and international environment - still relevant to citizenship today.
The contribution of the urban context to the development of spatial ability was her chapter in the publication by the National Foundation for Educational Research in 1992.

Thomas Owen's Southsea
To celebrate European Architecture Year 1975 Celia Clark and Barry Russell produced this popular leaflet based on this research by Preedy and Stewart of Portsmouth School of Architecture.
Published by the City of Portsmouth, translated into French German and Spanish

Environmental Education Project 1984-1988

Supervisor and Editor:
Celia Clark was a founder member of the Portsmouth Workers' Educational Association Local History Group. These are some of the early titles she edited.

In the 1980's Portsmouth Housing Association sponsored an Environmental Education Project, producing educational materials for Portsmouth schools
Celia Clark was the supervisor and editor.

A Walk around Old Portsmouth 1985

Portsmouth Cathedral Lookabout 1985

The Portsea Trail 1985

Young Person’s Guide to Portsmouth Dockyard 1986

Southsea’s Ghost Railway 1986

Mary’s Church Trail 1986
Poems for Pompey 1986

Brids, Buildings and Baffins 1987

Wymering Manor Information Sheet 1987

Convicts Away 1987

Portsmouth Ferry Port Education Pack for Portsmouth Sixth Form College 1988

The Rise and Fall of Portsdown Park 1988

Queen Street Detective Trail 1988

Gosport Trail 1988

The Story of Brambles 1988

Portsmouth’s Lost Canal 1988

Portsmouth’s Environmental Education Project 1984-1988

Revising Pevsner / Lloyd
In summer 2011 Celia and Deane Clark and John and Sue Pike are revising the Portsmouth entries for David Lloyd, one of the only original authors of the magnificent Buildings of England series still working on revisions and updating of his 1972 volume.  This picture shows the view looking southwest from new Highbury College over the Palace Cinema; on the right is right James Watson Hall by Architecture PLB of Winchester 2003.  On the left is St. Andrews Court by Seymour Harris Partnership 1989; behind that is Commercial Chambers, c. 1937, the first large multi-storey office building in the city.  The tower with crane is No. I Gunwharf by Amos Partnership under construction and the Spinnaker Tower by Peter Warlow of Hedley Greentree Partnership.  In the foreground are the Mughal domes of the former Palace Cinema designed by A E Cogswell in 1921-2 after he had served in the Artists' Rifles at the Khyber Pass.